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The Pure Difference

At Pure Encapsulations®, we're dedicated to providing nutritional supplements that are designed with integrity using premium ingredients backed by verifiable science, and held to the highest industry standards. We're also committed to advancing the science of nutrition and sharing our passion and knowledge for the greater good.

FREE FROM Products

What makes us different isn’t just our process or what goes into our supplements — what we leave out matters, too.


All Pure Encapsulations products are FREE FROM:

Quality Promise

Our products don’t go to market without meeting the most stringent criteria to ensure the highest quality. We ensure the integrity of everyproduct with the promise of premium sourced ingredients, backed by science, and significant independent testing by certified independent laboratories of our raw materials and final products, to verify their potency and purity. So you can feel confident knowing only the best of the best ever make it into your hands.

To learn more about our product ingredients and labelling, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Pure Science

Scientific research raises the bar for everything we do. That’s why we’ve published more than 30 product-specific clinical studies in leading peer reviewed journals, in recent years, highlighting our commitment to research and our collaboration with top academic institutions, including Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Université Laval, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School.

Pure Encapsulations' commitment to science includes investments of several million euros to support scientific research with:
• Cleveland Clinic Foundation partnership on clinical research and medical-scientific training.
• Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods has been collaborating on a research program related to cardiometabolic health.
• Practice Research Initiative -the most comprehensive study on the use and efficacy of Functional Medicine.
• Polyphenols Consortium -collaborations with universities and leading companies for research on the correlation between polyphenols and cognitive well-being.


Strong Connections

Our strength lies in our partnerships with leaders in the most important nutritional health areas: mental health and emotional well-being, weight management, immune health, gastrointestinal health and more. We partner with medical experts† who not only help us formulate products, but also help to develop clinical protocols based on their success with our products, which they test and validate through clinical practice while advancing our ongoing education initiatives.


Pure Giving

At Pure Encapsulations, we don’t just focus on making something good, but doing good as well. That’s why we’re proud to support non-profit organizations that are dedicated to supporting global wellness, improving the health of those most in need, and enriching lives around the world.

Healthy Planet Initiatives

We are committed to a sustainable future, and that comes through not just in what we produce but also in what we practice as a company. That’s why we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint, with practices like eliminating non-recyclable, single-use plastic from our offices, and reducing the plastic wrap on our bottles. And we wont stop there.