Sleep is important for the body’s healing process. Pure Encapsulation’s offers a variety of melatonin products. Melatonin is produced naturally by the body with exposure to darkness, telling the body that it is time to rest. The inhibitory neurotransmitter gluycine has been associated with sleep quality. Magnesium and herbal ingredients can offer enhanced relaxation support.

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  • Best-Rest Formula


    Best-Rest Formula

    Promotes restful sleep

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  • Best-Rest Gummy


    Best-Rest Gummy

    Great-tasting triple-action support for relaxation, sleep onset and restful sleep

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  • Glycine 180’s


    Glycine 180’s

    Supports restful sleep and detoxification

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  • Melatonin 0.5mg


    Melatonin 0.5mg

    Supports the body’s natural sleep cycle

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  • Melatonin 3mg


    Melatonin 3mg

    Supports the body’s natural sleep cycle

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  • Melatonin Liquid 30ml

    Nutritionally augments the natural functioning of the pineal gland supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle

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  • Melatonin SR 60’s

    Sustained-release melatonin to support healthy sleep

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  • Sereniten Plus 45’s

    Moderates the effects of occasional stress and supports restful sleep

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  • Sleep Solution (single dose liquid) 58ml

    Convenient, single-serving liquid formula to provide support for occasional sleeplessness

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