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  • Beta Sitosterol 90’s

    Phytosterol complex for prostate health and urinary function

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  • Betaine HCL/Pepsin 250’s

    Promotes healthy gastric function

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  • Bi Ome Intensive 30’s

    High-potency, 4-strain, clinically-researched proprietary probiotic blend combined with Saccharomyces boulardii to support intestinal microbial balance and help lessen the occurrence of occasional diarrhea

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  • Bilberry 160mg 120’s

    Support for healthy vision and vascular function

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  • Biotin 8 mg


    Biotin 8 mg

    Essential B vitamin

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  • Biotin Complex Hair & Skin 60’s

    Enhanced biotin complex to support health hair and skin

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  • Black Cohosh 2.5 120’s

    Offers support for menopausal comfort including hot flashes

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  • Black Currant Seed 100’s

    Contains 14% GLA for skin, musculoskeletal health and prostaglandin production

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  • Borage Oil 1000mg softgel 60’s

    Supports joint, muscle, skin and reproductive health

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  • Boron (glycinate) 60’s

    Promotes the utilization of many vitamins, minerals, and hormones

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  • Boswellia



    Herbal support for musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and cellular health

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  • Boswellia AKBA


    Boswellia AKBA

    Enhanced support for immune, joint, gastrointestinal and cell health

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