Bones are composed largely of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. These nutrients support bone health, while vitamins D and K promote healthy mineral absorption and utilization. Muscle relaxation support may be indicated for individuals after athletic training, during occasional stress, or with nutrient depletion. Magnesium plays a key role in muscle relaxation, while herbals offer more systemic calming effects. Nutrients to support joint comfort include glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which act as building blocks for the cartilage, or herbal ingredients and enzymes to target cytokine balance and comfort.

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  • ‘+CAL+with Ipriflavone 210’s

    Comprehensive bone support formula with Ipriflavone

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  • A.I. Enzymes 120’s

    Balanced plant enzyme formula provides broad-spectrum joint, muscle and digestive support

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  • Black Currant Seed 100’s

    Contains 14% GLA for skin, musculoskeletal health and prostaglandin production

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  • Cal/Mag (malate) 2:1 180’s

    Calcium and magnesium malates in a 2:1 ratio; may reduce the risk of osteoporosis

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  • Cal/Mag/D liquid 480ml

    Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D in a convenient liquid form; may reduce the risk of osteoporosis

  • Calcium (citrate) 180’s

    Highly absorbable and researched calcium chelate; supports colon health

  • Calcium K/D 180’s

    High elemental calcium per capsule with vitamins K and D; supports cardiovascular health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis

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  • Calcium with Vitamin D3 180’s

    Highly absorbable calcium combined with vitamin D 3 to support bone and colon health; may reduce the risk of osteoporosis

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  • Collagen JS


    Collagen JS

    Provides patented BioCell Collagen ® collagen complex to support healthy joints and skin

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  • Disc-Flex



    Advanced intervertebral disc support formula, promoting healthy composition, strength, flexibility and comfort

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  • Glucosamine Complex 180’s

    Cartilage support with manganese

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  • Glucosamine HC1+ Chondroitin 120’s

    Shellfish-free glucosamine and chondroitin combination for daily joint support

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